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TOP 3 Reasons Why French Press Makes The Best Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you know that you have plenty of options when you are looking for a coffee press. Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars a week with Starbucks to make it for you, but you also have a choice of purchasing a high-quality espresso machine so you can create a good cup of coffee. Or you can also save money and buy a drip machine. Your last choice is a French press machine but this is considered as the best one in the market if you are looking to make good coffee every day.

Understanding How A French Press Works

If you brew coffee in a French press, start with coarse-ground beans. Do not use a blade grinder because they do not grind beans evenly and they also make beans warmer. When this happens, it can take away the flavor you want in your cup. Make sure that you get a press with a burr grinder or you can also grind your beans at a store. Once you have the coffee grounds, add it onto the French press carafe and use hot water. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Push the grounds down using a tough strainer and pour yourself a cup of fresh coffee.

Reasons Why Use A French Press

For coffee lovers, they believe that the French Press is the machine that makes the best coffee. Some are still in doubt, but to help you make the decision, here are the reasons why most would prefer a French press than other coffee makers:

  • Filter Problems. When you are using a drip machine, filters absorb the oils in your coffee grounds. This does not happen with a french press. It does not soak up the flavor, instead, it adds tiny bits of coffee grounds in your coffee that enhances the flavor.
  • Grounds Steep, Not Filter. The French Press will allow you to steep your coffee grounds. If you want to get a good cup of coffee, you would want to use bulk grounds that steep longer. The result is better because the ground steeps and do not filter. In the end, the coffee tastes better.
  • You Get Everything In The Cup. If you are using a french press, you get everything in your cup except the ground coffee. You get all the flavors compared to using a coffee drip machine and your coffee experience is better.

Why Choose Cafe Du Chateau?

Cafe Du Chateau is the best coffee machine in the market these days. If you are looking for a high-quality glass coffee press for your home or office, this is the most recommended for you. It comes with the most amazing features that you will never find in other coffee makers these days. It has a 4-level filtration system which is why it is perfect for making fresh French coffee, tea, espresso, and even cold brew.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the best french press in the market these days and do not limit yourself with cheap coffee makers that will not give you the freshest coffee for you and your family.