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The Things That People Should Look For When Buying A Coccyx Cushion

A coccyx cushion might sound intimidating but it’s really not. The fact is its just a technical (medical) term for a seat cushion. That’s right folks it’s a seat cushion so if you ever want to be smart, use “coccyx cushion” next time whenever a seat cushion topic is being brought up. As funny it might seem, there’s actually a reason why its (medically, sort of) called that way and that is because it supports the real part of the body that should be supported in the first place and it’s not the buttocks.

From what its called, it should properly protect the coccyx or the tailbone. The bone that is the lower tip of the spine that is responsible for balance and support. You can even say that the buttocks were designed that way (highly muscular and fatty) to support that bone, this is because damage or injuries that affect that bone can prove to be disastrous and the most common people that are affected of it are office workers. This is because they are always the one that is always sitting down. So what’s a good one? Read further to find out.

Has an orthopedic design: Orthopedic design is designed to contour to your body and not just flat. If you buy a back support, it should be bent or contoured to the ideal spine alignment and this is also true when buying seat cushions. Having that design will allow your body to contour to the shape and align it in its proper alignment. If you have a bad posture or position you can even consider it as a correction.

coccyx cushion

Has just the right density: Having the right density is crucial in providing comfort and support. Having a cushion that has the right density is the balance between comfort and support that is why you have to nail it. You should know that the too soft ones are useless, the too stiff ones will still cause discomfort. It should have the right density in order to produce the right resistance. If you don’t know what is the right one for you, buy from a seller that knows their products and contact them in order to get that exact detail.

Should have the right thickness: There is a variety of thickness that a seat cushion will have. Having that right thickness has to be just right in order to attain comfort and stability. In all honesty, choosing the level of thickness for comfort and support will greatly rely on your weight. Because if you are a light person you don’t need a really thick seat cushion, but if you’re on the heavier side, then you need a thicker one in order for a seat cushion to work for you.

Seat cushions are these cushions that you place in the buttocks. It’s something that people are able to utilize for comfort and stability. Buying a good one is crucial since this will affect the overall experience in buying a seat cushion. If you buy one, make sure to go for the ones that have an orthopedic design, has the right density for you and has the right thickness as well.