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Who does not love Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 animated masterpiece “Spirited Away”? The animated film that everyone loved was indeed one of Miyazaki’s most celebrated and most thought-provoking because of its storyline that is not usually found in any animated.

Miyazaki’s style showcased a more enigmatic and a lot of unique and quirky elements at the same time bears a lot of powerful messages that was told in a very subtle way. One of the most recognizable and most beloved characters of Spirited Away is “No Face” who provided the very lingering element that made the movie unique and very memorable.

Since the movie is very subtle and a lot of uniqueness in terms of animation and element, maybe it is time to give some small recognition to one of its character, “No Face” and find out what more about it.

No Face is unique, because it was able to deliver an utterly mysterious character throughout the story and it is difficult to create a connection No Face to common tropes, and this character also provides a lot of surprises a lot of times in the movie.

In terms of the question if No Face is an antagonist or a protagonist, well, that is why this character is unique because it was able to uphold its monstrosity at the same time let the viewers feel how helpless it was which is a good transition to showcase good and evil, which also gives more highlight to Chihiro, one of the main protagonists to help No Face instead of judging the latter. It is considered a good and evil type of character because it is somewhat kind and at the same time displays rudeness and how this attitude being displayed can often be confusing, but it should not be judged easily because all throughout the movie, No Face was very persistent to play two roles.

Also, you should take notice of No Face’s search for its identity, true to its name in the movie, No Face is a helpless spirit who does not have an established identity, meaning it something like a void spirit which has no place in the world of spirits and is often attracted to Chihiro because she also resembles a lot of its current situation; confused, homeless, that is why it wants to connect with her. Chihiro, meanwhile, does not pay attention to No Face because the latter always brought the stolen goods that she does not entirely need which leaves No Face being offended or getting hurt rather, and alone.

Since Chihiro does not attention to it, No Face eats the greedy frog in the movie and transformed to what the frog showed, a greedy, and full of exaggeration. However, the two got together eventually in the movie as Chihiro showed affection to No Face by taking care of it.

Writing this article about No Face Spirited Away is to present us a reminder that it can also teach us a lot of things especially when it comes to lessons in life that we might not learn in a regular day, but the movie itself is a powerful message about frustration, negativity but in the end hope and love conquers it all. Will, you re-watch Spirited Away after reading this article?